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Tool VR

ToolVR (short for Tool “Virtual Review”) was a concept site we scoped, wrote, and launched in 2010 as a brief experiment. This site was set up  as a platform for recruiting reviewers and posting reviews of various tools and hardware. When the reviews were posted on the site, third-party advertising (not affiliated with the reviewed tools) was published in order to provide compensation for the content.

The site is based on WordPress. The currently running ads are Google AdWords. This was a successful experiment, as it took very little development time to put together a succint, neat little site that got the job done. Although the Tool Review arena is crowded, and dominated with giants such as Amazon, ToolVR sought to provide an in-depth, personal review with long-form unique content that could really become a destination and authority in very specific areas. The domain name is catchy and easy to remember, and has a long (in Internet years) history of being established.

You may view the site at | This site is for sale for $500.

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